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What You Can Do Improve Your Remote Meetings

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Meetings are an essential part of work, even remote work; in fact, meetings are more essential to remote employees and teams. Still, despite the need for virtual meetings with an office background with logo, they are not always the most exciting events. In order for meetings to be effective and productive, they must maintain people’s interest. There are several ways to improve remote meetings and to ensure that people pay attention.

1. Start With Something Fun

Nobody said that a meeting had to be all work and no play. You can start the meeting by teaching team members to create a custom Zoom background or playing a game. If you can bring some laughter and fun to a meeting, people may stay more engaged throughout. It is best to have some fun at the start of the meeting. If people laugh and have fun early, they tend to focus and engage more during the entirety of the meeting. Fun and laughter are two excellent ways to eliminate nerves and discomfort. When people are relaxed and comfortable, they are more willing to interact and participate.

2. Inclusive Conversation

Aside from ensuring all meeting participants are familiar with Zoom virtual background requirements, it is important to use inclusive conversation during the meeting. No one enjoys being talked at or down to. A meeting should not be a long presentation. Meetings are interactive and work best when everyone participates. You can easily incorporate inclusive conversation by including open-ended questions during the meeting and allowing ample time to discuss various topics. Open-ended questions demand more from participants than yes or no responses. Longer responses to questions will allow for greater dialogue. Open questions often result in greater innovation and clarity of responsibilities.

3. Assign Talking Points

Too often, bosses or managers assume that they must discuss all topics for a meeting. While employees may look to an employer or manager to lead the meeting, they do not necessarily expect the person to lead every discussion or present every topic. It is better for participants at a meeting to be responsible for something. If team members are responsible for specific talking points, they are likely to pay more attention during the meeting.

4. Don’t Allow Muting

Never allow muting during meetings. Muting will only enable people to work on other things or focus on other discussions. When you have a meeting, it is for a reason, or it should be. Therefore, you want everyone to participate and pay attention.

5. Limit Participants

Many managers try and have meetings with entire teams, but that may not be the most effective way to hold virtual meetings. It is often better to have smaller group meetings with only three to five participants with remote workers.

Are you struggling to keep meetings focused and organized in a virtual environment? If so, talk to a local management specialist to determine the best tools and techniques to improve your sessions. Also, keep in mind the above five suggestions for quick and even immediate results.

Originally posted 2022-05-27 07:36:15.

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