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What Geiger Can Tell Us About Our Current Society

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Geoff Johns tells stories that the world loves, and his latest comic is no different. Geiger is a fascinating tale of post-apocalyptic America that explores many unique and groundbreaking themes. Understanding its many messages and themes can provide readers with a better grasp of current American society and the many unique factors that affect its development and progress.

The Nature of Geiger

Geiger is Johns’ latest comic book series, one that focuses on a post-apocalyptic America destroyed by a massive nuclear war. The Unnamed War leaves the country in rubble, with survivors huddled underground. One man, Geiger, leaves the bunker to explore the world after an accident leaves him immune to radiation poisoning and other dangers.

During his travels, Geiger sees much of America, both good and bad. He runs into unique characters, such as Junkyard Joe, and experiences many unique things. Importantly, he begins to see that there’s a chance to rebuild America to be better and more productive than its current state and even potentially back to its former height.

The trademark Johns storytelling style is clear throughout the series already. Johns isn’t afraid to throw in some thoughtful commentary among the action and excitement, which makes his stories both thoughtful and thrilling. He also knows how to comment on society in unique ways. Understanding its perspective can provide readers with a unique and exciting reading experience.

How It Reflects Society

Johns has always pushed the envelope with his books and has helped make the comic world more inclusive and interesting. For example, Geiger as a character is another Arab-American character, making him the second that Johns has integrated into his comic book stories over the years.

As an Arab-American, Johns has a unique perspective on America and its many positives and negatives. He has stated that he loves the country and wants it to thrive but has some concerns about its direction. It’s clear that he has some strong insights into the risks of certain behaviors.

For example, the Unnamed War is a massive and destructive nuclear conflict that certainly rings very true in a world with increasing tensions. Though the comic was started before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it certainly feels prescient in predicting such potential dangers.

Beyond its post-apocalyptic setting, Geiger is ultimately a story of hope. Geiger, as a character, is hopeful of finding something new in a ravaged America, and Johns promises redemption for the character and the world in general, even if in small ways.

Get Reading!

The great thing about Geiger is that it shouldn’t be too hard to get into if you find the stories fascinating. Since the story is fairly new and there are only a handful of issues published, it should be easy to collect them all and start reading. Just as importantly, you can subscribe to this comic and read through it as it is published, staying on top of its unique story and fun thematic concepts.

Originally posted 2022-05-26 21:02:22.

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