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What are the Benefits of Wood Burning Fireplaces?

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Many people often wonder about the benefits of fireplaces. Are they necessary? Why are they so talked about? These are some of the questions that many people ask and we’ll go deeper into this later in the article. But for now, you should know that a fireplace is one of several features that add to the value of a home. Read more about 7 wonders city.

Two homes with similar designs and an exact number of bedrooms would vary significantly in market value if one had features or amenities like a fireplace, pool, patio, and so on. This is because these amenities make the home much more appealing to buyers. Click here to learn more about how to boost the value of your home.

Now, while a fireplace may not be an absolute necessity in a home, it sure is a nice amenity to have. Not only does it provide warmth to a room, but it also adds to the overall aesthetics of the place. No doubt, one of the most effective ways to make a space feel and look homey is by installing one of these.

For people who can’t seem to make the choice of whether they need one or not, this article might be helpful. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the benefits of advantages of having this feature in your home. However, before we go into those, let’s briefly discuss the four main types of fireplaces that currently exist.

Types of Fireplaces

There are four main types, namely gas-burning, wood-burning, ethanol-burning, and electric fireplaces.

Gas Burning

This type has the most sophisticated and beautiful designs and as you’ve probably guessed, gas is its fuel source. Users can choose between two gas sources which are propane or natural gas. If you want a more modern design, go for this option. The heat intensity is consistent, and it does a good job of heating the whole room.


This is the classic open hearth that most people are used to. Wood is its fuel source, and the crackling sound of fire is one of the main appeals of this option. They are ideal if you would like to add a bit of character to a room or space as they have quite a rustic look and feel. Visit https://www.pinterest.com/marshsfireplace/beautiful-wood-burning-fireplaces/ to find beautiful wood-burning hearth designs.


At the moment, these are the most popular because of several reasons. They are much more energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and don’t really require additional ventilation to prevent any hazards. Like the gas-burning option, these also have modern designs that can instantly elevate the look of any space.


An electric fireplace functions just like other types in the sense that it provides warmth to a room. However, its flames aren’t real, which is something some people find disappointing about it. But there are a few good things about it which includes its cost-effectiveness and users’ ability to easily control the intensity of the heat as well as turn it on or off.


Benefits of Wood Burning Fireplaces

The following are some of the benefits of wood-burning fireplaces:

Low Heating Cost

As utility costs continue to rise, an open hearth might be a way to save some money on heating. Purchasing firewood costs way less than heating your home using utilities that depend on fossil fuels or a gas-burning option. It becomes even more practical if you have lots of trees planted on your property.

Cozy Living Areas

Most homes that have a fireplace have it in their living area or family room because this is where the family spends most of their time together when in the house. Arguably, there’s no heating appliance or any other form of heating that can provide the type of coziness that this fireplace provides.

It makes the living area so cozy and inviting that you wouldn’t want to be in any other part of the house. If you’d like your family to spend more time together, especially in the colder month, consider installing one. It doesn’t have to be grand, even small fireplaces can get the job done.

Low Maintenance

Compared to other options, they are the least expensive to run and maintain. Really all you have to do when it comes to maintenance is to get rid of the ash and clean the place up. This can be done in under 20 minutes but factors like how much wood has been burnt and the size of the hearth may affect this time frame.

Overall, you shouldn’t spend more than 30 minutes cleaning up the place. Of course, the more frequently you do it, the better and faster you get at it.

Final Thoughts

Earlier we talked about some amenities that add to the value of a home. As a matter of fact, there are studies that show that some buyers are willing to pay as much as $1000 extra to get a home with a fireplace. So, if you’re building a home, this is one feature you may want to consider adding to the property.

Other types of fireplaces have their own advantages and often have more appealing designs. However, most people just seem to favor this more traditional and rustic one.

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