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What Are The 5 Best THC Gummies To Try In 2022?

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Top 5 THC Gummies To Try In 2022

There is no better way to deal with everyday stress than munching on your favorite gummies. There are a lot of flavors and varieties available in the market for the lovers of THC. The flavors that could excite your taste buds include chocolate, blueberry, raspberry, dragonfruit, and some fruity flavors. It would be a worthy option if you consume THC Gummies in combination with byproducts. They come in the form of weed with healing properties. It can be helpful to consume for a good night’s sleep and mental calmness and gives you the effect of intoxication that helps us get through a rough day.


TRE-House uses high-quality ingredients with cannabinoid flavors and formulations. They will make you doubt your taste buds for all the THC gummies. All the TRE- House products are thoroughly tested by third-party labs and are safe for consumption. They have the best gummies and vapes available in the market. These products are chewy and baked and taste amazing and have a perfect sweet profile. The Rainbow Sherbet Strain; Jack Lemon strains are the most popular strains in the market.

Highlights of TRE-House Gummies are that they follow the rules and regulations laid down by the Food and Drug Administration. The products of Trehouse do not have heavy metals, sketchy chemicals, or pesticides in them. They include a detailed certificate of analysis for all their products and fact-check the label.


Budpop has 30 years of experience in the cannabis industry. They are best known for increasing the consumption of THC gummies for medicinal purposes. Budpop can provide one of the best THC experiences to their customers and are also top-rated in the sphere. They have 100% organic and Non- GMO gummies in the market that are pure and safe for consumption.

They post all of their lab-tested resorts online to promote transparency on their website. All the customers can look up their website and review all their products. They have two different flavors – strawberry gelato and blue dream, available in 625mg in bottles. Highlights of this brand are great quality products, service, detailed instructions, and information. They have safe, organic, highly potent gummies with a 30-day return policy. But they are currently available in online modes, and the availability of their products is limited. The customers of Budpop are happy with their overall experience and transparency in the system.


Hollyweed is best known for its extraction process and unique formulas and blends. They have the best hemp sources and are among the best sellers of THC gummies. They are cost-effective and have exotic flavors. These tasty THC gummies come in 5 different flavors with resealable packets containing 8 gummies per pack with 25-50 mg of THC. It will take two hours before the effects kick in if you slice up one gummy in two parts. The peace of mind and sleep after consumption are worth the shot.

Highlights of Hollyweed THC gummies are that they are affordable, have a verified quality, outstanding flavors, potencies, and organic ingredients are used in their production process. They can highly benefit the vegans and are inexpensive as well. Customers are happy with the effect these gummies have which induces sleep, deep relaxation, and better appetite. They have returning customers worldwide, and they are loved globally for their products.

Diamond Weed

Diamond Weed is best known for relieving stress. They make the most potent THC gummies with high quality and offer much variety in flavors. Diamond Weed put a lot of research into making their products. They infuse their product line with unique flavors and help provide the range to the customers. The THC gummies are available in 35 to 500 mg of gummy containers. Although they are available in specific amounts, you need to be careful while consuming the doses of THC gummies. The overdose can lead to unwanted effects both on the body and mind.

The highlights of Diamond Weed are their potent formulae and consumer safety, along with a 30-day return policy. THC gummies by Diamond Weed have long-lasting after-effects with good tryouts, huge product variety, potency and flavors, many discounts, and third-party tests. However, their variety in products is overwhelming, and they offer free shipping only over purchases of $100. Their customer reviews are positive as the feeling after the consumption of the gummies is long-lasting with pain-reducing abilities.


THC gummies by 3Chi are formed by clinically proven methods and have a wide variety of THC products. Their gummies are popular with the two most loved flavors (watermelon and black raspberry). They use organic products and are tested by third parties with health and safety checks. They offer the most economical pack of THC on the market. A single bag of 16 THC gummies will be for $30. The highlights of 3Chi are that they have measured potency and are scientifically driven drugs. They are best known for their affordable prices, exotic flavors, good distillation processes, variety in flavors, promoting sleep and reducing anxiety. You can easily find them in local stores. Customers feel that 3Chi products are splendid with the ability to clear minds and help relax their bodies with the stimulating and therapeutic effects.


There are different THC gummies available in the market, but the ones that have created a space for themselves are Exhale wellness, Budpop, Hollyweed, Diamond weed, and 3Chi. These companies and brands produce the best quality THC gummies and are known for the satisfactory customer policies and online reviews. Some brands provide the best quality to the customers but are expensive. However, if you buy THC gummies from any of the above companies, it will be worth your money and you are bound to have a great experience.

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