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The star of which sitcom shares his last name with a common type of wrench

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Allen is the brand of hand tools best known for its wrenches, known as “hex wrenches.” The hex wrench is used to tighten the hex head bolts and screws. This simple tool is named after Home Improvement sitcom star Tim Allen. Tim Allen achieved success in the comedy series Home Improvement in 1991, fueling a Hollywood career that made him a leading player in the Santa Claus and Toy Story franchises. Allen later returned to the small screen for another long-running sitcom with the Last Stand.

Why Allen wrenches are called Allen wrenches?

Allen is a registered trademark created by the Allen Manufacturing Company. They created the original patent for the manufacturing methods of these wrenches and created the first marketed product in 1910. Since then, the name has stuck.

What are hex keys used for?

Hex wrenches or hex wrenches are simple tools used to tighten screws and bolts with hex heads or heads. Socket head products such as socket head set screws and socket head screws are mainly driven by hex wrenches. At first glance, a hex wrench is not very convenient. This is little more than a small piece of metal in the shape of an L. But don’t be fooled by its modest appearance, the hex wrench is an effective hand tool that can generate incredible torque. In fact, no tool kit is complete without a set of hex keys. Read more about MissQGemini.

Hex wrenches, also called hex wrenches or hex wrenches, have a hex cross-section to fit a variety of hexagon-shaped recessed mounting screws and set screws. Hexagonal clasps are common in all kinds of mechanical equipment and devices, including bicycles, motorcycle engines, and DIY furniture. One of the challenges of owning two complete sets of wrenches is how to store them so that they are neatly organized and easily accessible. Fortunately, hex keys come in several different styles to suit the needs of most users. Some wrenches are attached to a metal connector that holds all of the wrenches together but makes it difficult to use a separate wrench in tight spaces unless you first detach the wrench from the ring.

Various Advantages of Hex Head Tools

What are the benefits of hex wrench tools? Hex wrench tools, which together form a set of hex wrenches, are a set of hex wrenches that are used to tighten screws and bolts that are specially designed to fit those wrenches. They get their popular name from their hexagonal shape and from the company that makes them; Allen’s company in Connecticut. What are the advantages of hex head tools over other tools that are used for the same purpose of tightening and loosening bolts and nuts? Here are some of the more common ones.

  • Due to the fact that they are available even in very small sizes, they can be used even in situations where the bolts used are too small to work with conventional wrenches.
  • Hex keys also have ball ends for precision.
  • The six contact points also provide a secure grip and allow the screws to turn efficiently.
  • The versatility of hex wrenches is unmatched as they can be used with different types of screws and bolts. For example, recessed screw heads are protected from external damage.
  • They are cheaper than their conventional counterparts.
  • Due to their small size, they are easy to carry in tool kits, even on bicycles.
  • Hex keys, how affordable are they? You can be sure to find them at most local hardware stores.


The best tool is the one you use often and you can trust. Now that you know about the different types of hex keys, you can choose the one you need. Even if you are not an ordinary mechanic, you can easily decide which tool to use for any purpose. If you are looking to buy the best hex wrenches, you can get a wide range on our Moglix.com website at an affordable price.

Among other things, hex wrenches can be useful when servicing and repairing heavy tools and equipment. Drills rely on it to hold the drill in place. Likewise, all types of chain saws require hex wrenches for blade changes or minor adjustments. Short hex wrenches are mainly used to accomplish these tasks.

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