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Whatever happened with twitch streamer MissQGemini 2021

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Avid fans of the Twitch streaming app love to learn about gamer know-how. Twitch is the perfect platform for gamers. If you are a casual gaming fan or really enjoy watching Esports, twitch is the perfect platform for you. There are many players you can watch and almost every game has a creator. MissQGemini is one such creator that has been incredibly popular on Twitch. During her peak, she was one of the most popular streamers on the platform. Everything changed when she was accused of cheating in the games she played. Cheating is not a crime at all; however, this can damage the reputation, especially of the players. Naturally, MissQGemini defended herself and fought these accusations vigorously. Let’s take a look at the full story of what happened, how she reacted, and the current situation.

Why did the controversy arise?

A scam is when you are tricked into obtaining money or possession, or it can be called a fraudulent scheme. With this definition in mind, it is completely immoral and wrong to deceive someone. Many states like CS and GO have caught people known to cheat. MissQGemini was bought for a scam in a seemingly casual conversation. During one of her live broadcasts, MissQGemini complained that she was accused of cheating just because she was a woman.

When a viewer of her stream asked a question about the indicated scam, she ignored the question and continued playing. Twitch also has the ability to record streams. In one of these recorded streams, it was seen that she could see the players on the other side of the dividers. This is usually not the case that aroused suspicion among viewers. She continued to stream and play, eventually realizing that others were looking at her. She tries to recoup, claiming it’s a glitch. She is trying to find out if this is a known bug.

Her original answer:

In addition to asking in the chat if this was a known glitch, she claims that her companion Rock had this glitch and is now likely experiencing it. Having suppressed this idea, she also decided to blame her friend Clara. Clara had already been banned for fraud once before, and MissQGemini claimed that Clara had used her computer before that day. She was in a panic, continuing to blame other comrades and invent false reasons.

She continued to blame her friends, put forward new hypotheses, and claim that these were glitches. However, people saw right through her, and she was caught red-handed. MissQGemini’s reaction to cheating was by no means perfect. As a result, she closes her stream and removes her entry from the game. She was no longer seen on stream, and many people discussed her actions and called her a fraud.

Getting banned:

After these events, she was banned from the Higher Attestation Commission; one might think that Twitch would boycott her after these actions. However, this did not happen. Following the retaliation of the masses, the MQG also closed its record. It’s important to note that Twitch has never limited her. Her Twitter account was also shut down and she appears to have disappeared from the streaming community.

Her next endeavor:

Shortly after this situation, it took her just a week before she returned with a new name. She changed her LP to The Djinn. She agreed to the Twitch Bombs segment and was banned for a day. She continues to play. However, there are some changes. People can’t search for her old username instead of looking for the new Twitch name MissQGemini. She couldn’t stream as best she could and her new account was unavailable.

Platform change:

MissQGemini realized that Twitch is not as profitable as it used to be; thus, she had to change the platform. She completely disappeared from Twitch due to a cheating scandal. However, she remains a figure on the web. MissQGemini, also known as Hayley Germaine, has also set up a YouTube channel. She records games and doesn’t have many followers at the time of this writing; she has just 34 subscribers to her YouTube channel. Thus, it is safe to assume that this is not very fortunate for her.

How can she fix the situation?

Whenever an Internet person makes a mistake, is caught cheating, or has a scandal, the natural reaction is an apology. Instead of avoiding the problem, it’s always best to apologize right away. Without regret or regret, it is impossible to return to this space. Without an apology, she cannot continue to make living playing video games. Cheating on someone can hurt your character a lot, and it’s best not to pretend to be a saint. Being caught red-handed can ruin your reputation. It looks like Hayley still hasn’t apologized and is trying to claim that she was bitten a by dust malignant tumor.  It is in her best interest to publicly apologize to her fans; only then will she have a chance to return to the game.


People often go to great lengths to become the best in a particular field. This can be done through practice or, in some cases, deception. Nobody can push you towards something if you don’t want to. This is why we can assume that Clara didn’t make MissQGemini cheat; it was her personal decision.  Fraud can completely ruin your reputation and lead to your being banned from platforms. Life can be ruined and it is always best not to cheat as it is never worth the risk. Once you have been branded as a scammer, your reputation will never return to its original place. It’s important to learn from each story, and the same applies here. Get the opinions of others and learn from other people’s mistakes. Don’t make the same mistakes as others. If you would like to learn more about technology, please read the other blog posts on our website.

Originally posted 2021-04-18 21:49:14.

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