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Message of Islam

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Islam is a religion full of good messages and practices. The religion of Islam is the second-largest in the world and has the number of increasingly popular religions in the world. People accept Islam with their own will by knowing the message of Islam. Islam is an elementary and peaceful religion to practice. Muslims truly think in God’s sovereignty and only do whatever Allah Almighty commands. The message of Islam is written in the Quran, and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. The Quran provides the way for the people to live their lives accurately and all the ways that take a person to the divine way. Islam has always prevailed the message in which peace, love, and fraternity are highlighted. The people who follow the religion of peace live the best life with all the calmness in their hearts and minds. Learn about Online Islamic Courses.

Islam serves the message of peace.

Islam is one of the world’s most recognized religions. The basic message of Islam is to prevail in peace and prosperity. So many western media has provided the idea that Islam does not believe in peace. However, it is not correct. Islam teaches people to bring peace among others and not debate on anything that can be a border for peace or could be the reason to break the peace. All Muslims follow the teachings of the Quran, and in the Quran, it is written that be kind to others and bring peace to the society. The Quran also teaches us that be helpful and friendly. Try to solve people’s problems and spread love. Learn to read the Quran.

Islam serves the message of fraternity. 

Islam teaches that all Muslims are brothers and sisters to each other. The message of fraternity is very much evident in the religion of Islam. The message of fraternity is formed in a way which you can say sacrifice also because the teaching of Islam says that help your brother in their bad times and their problems. You should feel the same as what they are feeling at a particular time. If they are hungry and thirsty, you should not be packed too. If they don’t have well-formed clothes, you should also accompany them. You should never refuse to feel the same when your Muslim brother feels flawed or broken. In a certain way, it is also a sacrifice that you sacrifice all of your happiness to feel the same as your Muslim brother. This is the perfect way to describe what fraternity is. The brotherhood should be as pure as, when you wish something beneficial for you, you should wish the same for your brother. If they are happy, be thankful for that. If they are in any sort of problem, then pray for them.

Islam serves the message of equality. 

Islam has served this message clearly that there is no one superior to each other among people. All humans are equal nobody is better than the other one. Islam is the religion that sees all the people equally. No caste or creed is superior or inferior. There is no way of knowing that anyone is discriminated against. Everyone is equal in front of Allah Almighty. Nobody is discriminated against based on their lifestyle, living, color, or race. No man is superior to a woman; not any woman is superior to a man. Everyone will be judged on the ground of their existence and actions on the Day of Resurrection. No one will be superior to other human beings.


To wrap this up, Islam is an easy religion to practice. Muslims accept in God’s existence and Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, as the final messenger. No matter what, Islam treats everyone equally. There is the message of peace, prosperity, fraternity, and equality. All Muslims are brothers to each other and should feel the same as what their brothers are feeling. Islam serves the message of peace and stability and does not support any kind of problem. In the eyes of Almighty, all Muslims are similar, and no one is greater or inferior.

Originally posted 2022-03-23 15:58:23.

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