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How to Win a Bidding War While Purchasing a House

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If you are looking to buy a house when supply is low and rents are high, you can find yourself in a bidding war, with many offers driving up prices.  When you add in potential purchasers enticed by low mortgage rates, it may push you out of the market numerous times.  There is no single plan that will ensure you win a house bidding war, but there are several actions you can take to put yourself in the best possible position to compete.

Getting a Preapproval Letter

Having a preapproval letter towards the negotiation shows the seller that you’re serious about closing the deal—and that you’re financially ready to do it. Consider the mortgage preapproval procedure to be the first step in obtaining a mortgage. It entails a complete examination of your finances, including your income, assets, and credit history. Based on your supplied information, the lender will send you a letter with your expected loan amount and interest rate. A preapproval letter gives your offer more weight because it informs the seller that you’re well on your way to securing financing and have a lender ready to extend funds to you. You’ll still have to go through the regular mortgage application process if they accept your offer, but getting preapproved ahead of time can help speed things up. Furthermore, unless you’ve been preapproved, most sellers won’t even consider your offer.

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Make a Cash Payment or Put Down a Larger Payment

The most significant offer isn’t necessarily the greatest when it comes to bidding on a house. Cash purchases are more appealing to sellers since they eliminate the possibility of financing falling through before closing. Cash transactions are also more likely to close sooner. Can’t afford to pay in cash? Your earnest money deposit also demonstrates to potential purchasers that you are serious about purchasing the property. An earnest cash deposit price varies by location, but it often ranges from 1% to 2% of the home’s buying price. In a hot home market, a larger earnest money deposit may pique a seller’s interest. Remember not to get wrapped up in winning the bidding war that you lose sight of your budget and end up homeless.

Reduce Your Contingencies

Contingencies are conditions that you must complete to complete a real estate transaction. If these aren’t met, the buyer can cancel without losing any money. Waiving your contingencies, such as a financial contingency (an agreement that the buyer will only buy the property if they can get a large enough loan from the bank) or an inspection contingency (an agreement that the buyer will only buy the property if there aren’t any dealbreaker issues discovered during the home inspection), demonstrates how serious you are about closing the deal. After waiving your contingencies, you can still back out, but you will forfeit your earnest money.

When it Comes to The Deadline, Be Adaptable.

Let’s imagine a few thousand rupees outbid you, but you’re ready to wait for the seller to walk out. In a bidding war, that flexibility can put you ahead of the pack. In a tight market, extra time to close may be appealing to a seller who might otherwise have to pay more on moving expenses or be pressed for time to find another house. On the other hand, if a home is already vacant, you might be able to persuade the seller to accept a faster closing date.

Final Thoughts

Every bidding war is unique since no two vendors are the same. Whatever the case may be, having your financial house in order before purchasing a property is the wisest course of action. It will make it easier for you to manage related expenses, such as your down payment and mortgage fees, as well as home repairs and maintenance.


Winning a house bidding war requires a combination of planning and luck. Your real estate agent can help to assist you with each step of the process, ensuring that you make the best decisions possible at all times. Be confident, patient, and trust that everything will fall into place. We hope that this article by Sigma Properties has provided you with sufficient knowledge.

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Originally posted 2021-10-29 23:28:10.

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