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How to Look and Feel Great in Whatever You Wear

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When it comes to looking and feeling great in what you wear, it is easy to develop a negative outlook. With the media projecting unrealistic ideas about what women should look like and what is in season, struggling with confidence and developing insecurities is completely normal. It is important to overcome these negative feelings and take steps to feel happier and more comfortable in your own skin. Here are a few top tips to help you look great and feel awesome in whatever you wear.

  • Understand Your Shape

When it comes to body image, one of the greatest challenges can be figuring out what type of body you have and dressing for it. No two bodies are the same, which means there are many different shapes out there. The most common shapes include hourglass, rectangle, triangle and inverted triangle. The latter two are also popularly called ‘pear’ and ‘apple’. Although what you wear ultimately depends on what you feel confident in, dressing in clothes that help accentuate areas of your body and flatter your body can give you a real confidence boost.

  • Don’t Follow All Fashion Trends

Those who religiously follow the word of fashion magazines will know how fast trends come and go. Although the apparel and accessories might look fabulous on the models in those glossy magazines, not all styles suit all shapes. Instead of following these fad trends blindly, it is better to look out for styles that suit your body type. However, if certain trends scream out to you, go right ahead and try them out. After all, looking great in an outfit has a lot to do with how you feel while you’re wearing it. If you think a particular style looks fantastic and makes you feel confident and proud, don’t let negative thoughts stop you.

  • Buy Clothes That Suit You

Building a collection of clothes that you know you look great in is much better than wasting money on outfits that don’t suit you. Not only will this stop you from wasting money on passing trends, but wearing clothes that flatter your shape will make you feel good. Clothes that fit you to a T will help accentuate all the right parts of your figure and elevate your look. Froxx is a fashion boutique based in Hertfordshire. They have a huge collection of plus size clothes, including dresses for large women. Their collection is available both in-store and online.

  • Learn From Past Fashion Faux-Pas

Everyone has an outfit they look back on and wonder why they ever thought it was a good look. Whatever your fashion faux-pas are, learn from them to avoid cringe-worthy outfits in the future. Furthermore, there are certain materials that you might not get on with. Some people might be extra sensitive to woolly jumpers, some might hate the static feeling of silk on their skin, while others might feel self-conscious in bodycon dresses that cling to every curve of their body. Zero in on your pet peeve so that you can feel more comfortable in your future attire.

Originally posted 2022-08-17 17:45:25.

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