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How To Keep Shrimp In A Fish Tank Or Aquarium?

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The first step when you want to know how to keep shrimp in a fish tank is to make sure that you choose the right size of the fish tank and choose the type of shrimps that are easier to keep and adapt to the environment of a fish tank. 

Making the internal environment of the shrimp tank friendly, such as adjusting water temperature and adding suitable material to the fish tank, are all very important. 

How To Put Shrimp In Aquarium?

Shrimps are very tiny and sensitive creatures that must be dealt with great care when transferred to the fish tank. They must be transferred to the tank in an absolutely stress-free way. 

They must be given ample time and chance to adapt themselves to the new water and the environments of the fish tank. Adaptation is the key when you want to know how to keep shrimp alive in an aquarium.

Another vital thing to remember is that shrimps are usually very social, friendly, and playful animals, so they must be kept in groups. It is challenging for them to survive alone. 

How To Keep Shrimp Alive In An Aquarium? 

As mentioned earlier, Shrimps are very tiny and delicate creatures; they can be gobbled up very quickly by larger fish if kept together. So, it is better not to keep them with very large-sized fish. Large or aggressive fish are not good tankmates for shrimps. The best option is to keep a shrimp-only aquarium, with big crowds of shrimps, lots of vegetation, and a suitable water volume. 

Another concern for shrimp lovers is, are shrimp hard to keep in an aquarium? Maintaining shrimps is not much harder than keeping common fish. The only concern may be their size and their sensitivity to the changes in the environment around them. 

It also depends on the type of shrimps that you are putting in your fish tank. Some species of shrimps are easier to keep than the others, such as Amano shrimp, Sulawesi shrimp, etc. Shrimps are very simple animals with very simple needs once they are well adjusted and adapted to their surroundings. 

We only have to take care of the required water parameters, e.g., temperature, chemical saturation, vegetation, etc. If the basic requirements are met, we can easily enjoy keeping our very friendly, nice, and innocent friends, that is, shrimps, in our freshwater aquariums.

How Long Do Shrimp Live In A Fish Tank? 

Shrimps are usually short-lived creatures. Dwarf shrimps generally live for 1-2 years, given that they have a friendly, safe, and peaceful environment around them with no sudden or extreme changes and no other risk factors such as large, aggressive fish. Some additional fat shrimps have lived for up to 12 years in an aquarium if they are happily settled and adapted to their habitat, but that is not very common.

So, we come to the point, what do shrimps need to survive? It all depends on the type of shrimps that you want to keep. Most crystal and bee shrimps need soft, low pH water, while caridina shrimp or Sulawesi shrimp need a high pH and alkalinity along with higher temperatures. 

Also, the food and vegetation that you put in the aquarium must be suitable for the specific shrimps. Commonly, various flake foods or tiny bites of other shrimp food are good to feed for the freshwater aquarium. There must also be a well-balanced system of light and dark in the aquarium. 

So, by keeping some simple things in mind and taking care of your tiny prolific friends, you can easily understand how to keep shrimps in a fish tank. You can enjoy your shrimp in a fish tank for quite a long time.

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