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Five Ways to Entertain Your Back-Seat Travelers

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If you are planning a long trip with your friends or family, you would definitely want to keep them out of boredom. For adults, it becomes quite easy to engage in conversations or play some music. However, with kids, you need to have some entertaining activities. When you travel with children, it becomes crucial that you handle their occasional bouts of boredom. A car trip is a perfect way for children to spend time with their family and enjoy their imaginations wandering as they pass through the beautiful scenery. We have discussed the top 5 ways to keep your kids entertained while on a road trip.

Note: As kids’ safety is extremely important, you need to ensure that the car you have rented is safe to drive and has all the necessary measures for kids’ safety. Choose your car rental company wisely.

  1. Download versatile Apps

Kids have very short attention spans. Therefore, it becomes difficult to keep them engaged for a long time. You can download different apps like the Disney Now, which includes Star Wars, Disney Channel, and Disney Junior for all age groups and has games, radio, puzzles, etc. If you have younger kids, there are also kid-friendly videos and game apps. And with the WIFI connectivity in every car you rent with One Click Drive, you can stay worry-free of any breaks and pauses in the videos or games!

  1. Play an audiobook

Audiobooks are another entertaining way to keep the people in the backseat engaged and entertained. You can download several audiobooks, from short stories to poem series, wizarding series, etc., and play them in your car. Children of different age groups will enjoy the pleasure of listening with curiosity. Good quality car audio clarifies voice, which is important in a story recitation.

  1. Prepare some snacks

The best thing that people love when traveling is food and music. Pack some healthy food for your back seaters to enjoy the delicacy while on the road trip. For kids, prepare some creative and healthy snacks that they will love to devour. Kids love creativity, and it keeps them indulged. Keep some granola bars and gummy bears in your pouch, which will keep the kids happy!

  1. Try road trip bingo

If you want to keep the back seaters entertained, you need to get more creative. Classic car games like road trip bingo and interactive sightseeing conversations are not only interesting but entertaining for the kids. You can ask your kids to identify objects like cars, bikes, trees, clouds, etc. This is both a fun game and an educational game. Praise them when they answer! This will motivate them and keep their morale high.

  1. Keep a bag of toys handy

When everything else fails, this will keep the kids going. You can pack a bag of toys appropriate to the kids’ age group and store them between their car seats. The cars you rent from One Click Drive have enough space to let you keep the toys and easily reach in whenever you want. Having a bag of toys will keep your kids happy and entertained!

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A Bonus Tip

If you’re not driving one of those fancy cars with LCD screens for your backseat guests, the best you can do is buy a “car seat back phone mount”. Phones these days definitely have a lot more connectivity options and content for every age. Drive in peace while your kids stay glued to their favorite YouTube channels in the backseat.

Now that you have the best ideas to have your back seaters engaged and entertained, you can book a car easily with One Click Drive and embark on your journey to your travel destination! Choose your favorite car and plan a family trip. The process is hassle-free, and the cars are cheap and affordable with heavy discounts. Enjoy the relief and satisfaction at the comfort and safety of these cars. Book a car now by visiting the website or by downloading our App!

Originally posted 2022-05-16 08:50:46.

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