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Everything You Need to Know About White Rice & Growing Rice

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White rice serves as a staple food for nearly more than one-half of the globe’s population; yet, some people believe that white rice is bad for health.

Is this true?

We need to step back and assess white rice vs. brown rice to answer this question. While rice is a type of grain, brown rice is simply the whole rice grain containing the fiber-rich bran, the germ – which has all the nutrients, and the endosperm, which is where the carbs are. Now, when it comes to white rice, it is essentially stripped of its germ and bran and only has the endosperm. This aspect classifies white rice as a refined grain. It perfectly explains why white rice is classified as an empty carb since most of its other nutrients are stripped away.

Usually, white rice in the United States and other countries is fortified with loads of nutrients, including iron and some B-vitamins, such as folic acid.

The Impact of White Rice on Weight Loss

Nearly 100% of people ask the number one question when talking about white rice is whether it makes you fat. You will find countless studies that connect diets high in refined grains to weight gain and obesity; however, the study is rather inconsistent when it comes to white rice.

For instance, some studies associate diets high in refined grains, such as white rice, with weight gain, obesity, and belly fat, whereas other studies find no correlation. Besides, diets that are centered on the intake of white rice have been shown to reflect weight loss – specifically, in countries where white rice is a staple food.

Usually, what happens in these countries is that white rice is replacing some other types of junk food or high-calorie food, and therefore, white rice appears to be a healthy swap. So, it depends on what one would have instead. It is safe to state that white rice is neither favorable nor detrimental for weight loss. That said, consuming diets high in whole grains, such as brown rice, has more consistently been shown as weight loss aids and aids in maintaining healthy body weight.

So, if you want to consume rice and lose weight, you might want to consume brown rice as a favorable choice because it is more nutritious and contains more fiber – making the meal more filling.

White Rice – A Popular Meal

Millions of people consume white rice every day – for the vast majority, white rice is versatile, tasty, and a great source of energy. In other words, white rice is really good and healthy for them. But context is important! Context is an aspect that often seems to be forgotten in nutrition.

White rice is not a great option for those who already consume enough calories or have the extra weight they want to lose. This aspect is specifically true when you have the option of brown rice, which is twice the fiber and much more nutritious. Brown rice helps keep you full for much longer than white rice, and it has antioxidants as well. Besides, to many people, brown rice tastes better than white rice.

Now, does this mean that you shouldn’t be eating white rice at all?

No! Not at all! You might want to enjoy white rice when the occasion calls for it without feeling bad about it. Just make sure to keep things healthy by cooking white rice sometimes.

Grow Rice at Home

Now, if you really like rice, you can grow rice at home. Probably most people never had any experience growing their own rice despite having eaten rice many times. You can grow rice on the grounds and in containers. As a first-time rice-grower, you might want to invest in a couple of larger pots – a minimum of seven gallons or larger. Most importantly, the pots shouldn’t have any holes in them.

Unlike most plants, rice appreciates the saturation and will thrive in conditions where the water won’t drain out. Additionally, rice needs to grow in full sun – ideally, during the hottest part of your summer season. As a first-time rice grower, you should know that rice is native to tropical environments. It appreciates heat and humidity – it grows perfectly well even when the temperatures soar into triple digits.

Once you have gotten your plastic pots without holes, you need to fill them up with compost. Coming up next, you will want to scatter your raw rice seeds. We are not referring to the rice you buy from the grocery ready to cook. You will have to source your rice seeds from organic seed suppliers. Also, click here to keep the birds off your pots and fields once the rice starts to grow.

It is highly recommended to use compost instead of potting soil to grow rice. Compost is ideal as it holds more moisture, it is filled with nutrients, and ultimately, your rice won’t need to be fertilized.

The Seeding Process

The seeding process of the rice is super easy – just take the rice seeds and simply scatter those on the top of the compost. Make sure to scatter the grains pretty evenly so that the rice grows out in one massive clump. Growing rice will look like ornamental grasses that grow all summer long in self-contained big pots. The next step involves resting the rice seed with another couple of scoops of the same compost.

The best part is that it doesn’t take that long for rice to germinate – in fact, germination usually occurs in under a week. The essential benefit of using compost is that it retains more moisture and provides the rice seeds with better nutrients so that you don’t have to add extra fertilizer. If you want to fertilize your rice, you might want to use fertilizer once a month while using fish emulsion. Also, as a first-time rice grower, you might want to purchase your rice seeds from a seed supplier as you cannot grow rice that is purchased from the grocery store as it won’t germinate.

Always sow your rice seed directly on the compost and then cover it with about half an inch of the same compost. The rice should germinate in about half a week – be sure to put it in full sun and keep it watered to keep the pot fully saturated so that the rice will thrive through the entire growing season.

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