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Who is Elizabeth Lail? Biography and Net worth

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Elizabeth Lail is an American artist finest known for her role as Anna in the fourth season of ABC fantasy drama Once Upon a Time. She is also best known for starring as Amy Hughes in the supernatural horror series Dead Summer. Layle never dreamed of a successful television career as she saw herself on stage early in her acting career. However, she became one of the most sought-after actresses on television after starring in Once Upon a Time. Her role in the fantasy series brought her fame in the United States. It also boosted her popularity on social media such as Twitter and Instagram, where she currently has thousands of followers.

Childhood and early life of Elizabeth Lail:

Elizabeth Dean Lail was born on March 25, 1992 in Williamson region, Texas, USA, to Kay Lurene Surratt and Dean Franklin Lail. She grew up in Asheboro, North Carolina with her older sister, Catherine Dean Lail. Elizabeth Lail became interested in acting at a young age. She decided to pursue an acting career after starring in the play “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” at a public theater.

She attended Asheboro High School, graduating in 2010. She then goes to the University of North Carolina School of the art, where she studied the theater. She participated in undergraduate films such as Model Airplane before earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts in May 2014. After graduating from university, she moved to New York to pursue a career in theater. She then began working as a nanny during the day to feed herself. Although she originally wanted to pursue a career in theater, she changed her mind after auditioning for a role in Once Upon a Time.

Career of Elizabeth Lail:

Just six months after graduating from college, Elizabeth Lail landed the role of Anna in the fourth season of ABC. She played Princess Anne in 10 episodes of the series. Her participation in the series increased her popularity and the name Layle became a household name in the United States. In 2016, she landed the lead role of Amy Hughes on the hit supernatural horror series Dead of Summer. She participate the role of Amy’s camp therapist in 10 event of the series, which aired on Freeform from June 28 to August 30, 2016. Read more about Madison iseman.

In 2017, she played Natalie Luca in one of the episodes of the long-running crime thriller television series Black List. On July 27, 2017, she was invited to play the lead female role of Guinevere Beck in the psychological thriller television series you. The series premiered on September 9, 2018 in the United States on Lifetime TV channel. Layle played Guinevere Beck opposite Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell in 10 episodes of the series.

Meanwhile, she played Lea in Anja Murmann’s drama thriller Unseen, filmed in 2018. In the same year, she was also seen as Emily Chapin in an episode of the CBS television series The Good Fight. In 2019, Elizabeth Layle played Quinn in the thriller Countdown.

Family and personal life:

Elizabeth Lail begins dating an Australian model first name Julian Haig in 2015. In 2017, Haig prepared a cameo form in Once Upon a Time, playing Prince Gregor in an episode titled wake up Call. Interestingly, Layle didn’t talk about him. Her relationship with Julian Haig since 2016. In addition to acting, Elizabeth Lail is involved in charity work. She participates in a fundraising program for the charity Space on Ryder Farm, which aims to create a safe environment to help aspiring artists express themselves.

In 2019, she supported the American Red Cross initiative to install 100,000 free smoke detectors in more than 100 communities at risk of fire. She also uses her social media accounts to draw attention to several issues. Elizabeth Lail loves to travel and has visited many popular destinations around the world. Instagram page of Elizabeth lail that are clicked on at different vacation spots. She as well loves to go off among her friends. Lail loves animals and raises many domestic dogs among other animals.

Elizabeth Lail had no intention of working in television from the very beginning. However, she is currently one of the most successful television actresses in the United States. Although she currently lives in New York, NY, she travels frequently to Los Angeles, California as part of her work.

Social Media Life:

The actress is very popular on social media. She has a vigorous Instagram description with 993k supporters. She is as well extremely active on her Twitter account, where she has 69k supporters. From these pages, her fans and subscribers receive important news about her life. These include her career milestones and the fun activities she does.

Net worth:

Elizabeth Lail have net worth of $500,000 USD according to survey of 2020. I hope this information will be beneficial for you. IGI Times will come back with more interesting information of your favorite actor and actress. Stay healthy stay safe!

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