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Difference between incense cones and incense coils

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Incense is undoubtedly considered as one of the best aromas which not only help in meditation but are considered best for human well-being. As it affects the physiological patterns positively and makes you positively inclined towards your life. Incense comes in a variety of forms like sticks, coils, cones, etc. However, this article briefly justifies the difference between incense cones and incense coils.

Incense is used for various reasons but the major one is the aesthetic one, it’s the source of positive energy indulgence, people utilize this in their mediation and for the religious respective.

First thing first you must know the basic patterns of incense cones and incense coils.

What is an incense coil?

The basic difference of coil is that it can approximately flame for about 2 to 3 hours. It has a long-lasting smell which is preferably utilized for larger sitting areas.

Incense material is usually pasted onto the metal or steel coils and creates some kind of incense paste. Coils can range from 5 to 8 and thus differentiating the burning time of the two.

It is preferable to utilize the incense coil in ceramic plates or nonflammable materials.

What is an incense cone?

Defining cones is simple as the shape of the cones are pointed masses of incenses. Cones are also preferably utilized for larger rooms and bigger family gatherings showing your gratitude towards your guests. One of the reasons for larger space coverage is the strong fragrance spread. However, the burning of the cone is much faster than other incenses i.e., sticks or the coil.

Incense cones also come for incense backflow which is not possible with the coil. As the flow of the aroma or smoke flows in a backward direction depending upon the shape of the burner.

Main differences between incense cones and incense coils:

  • You can place the coil in the non-burning material or the ceramic plate whereas the cone comes in various types like backflow or normal incense which has various aesthetic views.
  • Coil and cone both can be utilized for larger areas. However, the cone is much faster in burning than the coil or stick specifically.
  • Although cone and coil both have pungent fragrances, however, the coil is considered less pungent as the coil burns slowly and maintains fragrance all around the place.
  • Cone holder came in various varieties and not only spreads aroma but also enthralls any place’s aesthetics and view.
  • Incense coil is much more economical with great fragrances than other incense cones and even from incense sticks.
  • Incense coils are not much popular as compared to incense cones because of their simple texture.


You might have analyzed some common differences between incense cones and incense coils but in actual it’s up to your personal preferences with which incense you are more comfortable with and what makes you more positive and impacts your well-being. And for this, you need to enjoy various incense types and fragrances to pick up your favorite one.

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