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Challenges Seniors Face and How Assisted Living Facilities Help

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Nowadays, assisted living facilities are continuously developing to better care for a dynamic cohort of seniors. Reputable assisted living centers currently provide a range of services ranging from memory care, help with daily living activities, and independent living. This enables residents to stay in the facility, even when needs change with time.

Whether your loved ones have a few months to live, you want to ensure they are living their best. This boils down to having a good quality of life. If you cannot be with your loved one all the time because of your job and other obligations, taking them to an assisted living community may be the option.

Ensuring your elderly loved ones get proper care provides them with the good quality of life that they deserve. Most assisted living facilities to provide seniors with a relaxed way of living with linen and laundry services, housekeeping services, fitness classes, holistic dining plans, dynamic activity calendars, day trips, and much more. These facilities have the capacity to assist the clients manage daily living activities such as; continence, bathing, mobility, dressing, personal grooming, and eating.

Today’s senior housing options, more than just senior living, often provide a community where the elderly get the services that enable them to live better in retirement. Nowadays, Americans are living healthier and longer lives than before, and most people want to live in their homes for the longest duration possible. Nevertheless, several signs may indicate it is the appropriate time to join an assisted living facility. The following are signs that you should consider moving to an assisted living facility.

Feelings of loneliness or isolation

Chronic loneliness and isolation can result in serious health problems for most seniors. A lack of companions can lead to depression associated with chronic health issues like heart disease and dementia; this may eventually cause unhealthy behaviors such as abusing prescription medication, alcoholism, smoking, or increased mortality.

An increase in frailty and deterioration in health

Studies by the AARP show that over 70 million Americans aged over 50 years have one or more than one chronic health conditions. As you age, these conditions need more care, and the likelihood of a health crisis increases. Thus, it is wise for a senior to join an assisted living facility that is prepared to handle if chronic health crisis.

Financial mismanagement

Many seniors often find it challenging to keep up with online payments, growing bills, and more as they age. An increase in collectors, unpaid bills, and growing debt is an indication that it is time you move to an assisted living facility. Moreover, seniors living alone can fall prey to financial fraudsters that might put their savings at risk.


Hoarding is dangerous, can raise the chances of falls, and affects adults aged between 55 years and 95 years threefold more than those aged between 34 years and 44 years. Hoarding often blocks first responders in emergencies and can cause fire hazards and diseases from unhygienic living conditions.

Poor hygiene

Cleanliness, as they say, is next to Godliness. It is vital for general health and wellbeing. Aging can make seniors afraid to take a bath as almost 80 percent of falls happen in the bathroom. Failure to bathe frequently, dirty nails, messy hair, and bad body scent may indicate it is time to join an assisted facility.

You feel insecure

Often, seniors are a vulnerable target for scammers and burglars. Senior living facilities work with security agencies or firms and install alarm systems to enhance the security of their residents. This provides the elderly peace of mind they so much need. Thus, if you feel insecure, it is high time to move into an assisted living facility.

Originally posted 2022-06-23 15:19:56.

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