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Blue Bell Taj Residencia

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The Taj Residencia has introduced an exciting new Blue Bell Block connected to the lodging society’s second gate. This block is next to the Marigold Block. It is one of the supreme blocks with perfectly paved roads and landscaping.

We are offering the ideal investment size of 5 Marla in this block. The residents shall enjoy a 24/7 supply of electricity, water and gas. Moreover, there will be adequate sanitation as per the Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs. You may also like to learn about the Blue World City.

The block contains a healthy environment because our management shall ensure timely waste disposal and cleanliness. Truly, maintaining cleanliness in the community can have a domino effect, where Taj Residencia’s vigilance inspires the vigilance of others.

In addition, the block will contain its very own central mosque, commercial zones, grocery shops, ATMs, shopping arcades and leisure clubs. We have focused on systematically managing modernity alongside Mother Nature’s thralls. As a result, you will find exquisite infrastructure and planning and the alluring horticulture surrounding it.

The payment plan is quite flexible and, thus far, the best. You are to pay 35 lac for the property. A 20% deposit is required to secure the reservation. As a result, when you pay PKR 650,000, they will reserve your site in your name.

You can take possession of your plot after paying the down payment. Consequently, you will be able to start working on the house and move in as soon as feasible.

You will enjoy being able to construct your own house. As a result, the Taj Residencia Installment Plan is one of the most attractive investment opportunities on the market.

Since it is a four-year payment plan, it will be ideal for you. In addition, this payment plan will make it easier to incorporate unexpected purchases or payments into your budget, which is especially important for individuals who run homes and must adhere to stringent budgetary restrictions.

Furthermore, you need not be concerned about a serious financial setback as you have more discretion to spend on necessities due to our instalment plan.

A property in Blue bell block can help you have rental revenue, appreciation, and earnings created by activities that rely on the property. Eventually, if you plan to live in your house, you shall have the best location of the Federal Capital as your home.

Therefore, let us provide you with a 5 Marla property in the most prime block of them all. So, get ready to have your expectations fulfilled at the Blue Bell Block.

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Originally posted 2021-12-19 18:01:52.

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