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5 things you should do before you start travelling as a vlogger

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It is an exciting fact that more and more people are starting to document their travels on Youtube by using the video cameras for travel vlogging. This rise in popularity has meant that there are now thousands of vloggers who have created unique, interesting videos which showcase unique destinations. More importantly, all of these videos have helped create a travel community that people can be part of. It is this community which is so impressive. People are travelling to destinations that they have seen on various channels, or more simply just following in the footsteps of their favourite vloggers! Read more about Geometry Dash Mod Apk.

But it isn’t easy to be a travel vlogger! There are some things you need to do before you get started – here are the top 5:

1) Invest in good equipment

This includes anything from your camera and tripod, batteries, memory cards, lenses and even tripods for your camera. Many people make the mistake of thinking that an expensive camera will suffice when recording quality videos, but there are several other pieces of equipment which can make capturing great content much easier. This also includes investing in good editing software. Simultaneously consider purchasing a tripod as this will be a great help when recording videos at the same time as still images.

2) Consider your voice

Unfortunately, there is no set way that you need to speak in order for people to watch and enjoy your videos. This being said, you should consider what type of style you want to adopt – do you want to speak really fast so that your audience gets a quick run down on the destination? Or would it be better for you to speak very slowly so that they can take everything in? Also think about how clear is your speaking voice – if people have difficulty understanding what you are saying then they won’t be able to progress onto the next video, or worse yet – subscribe!

3) Take some time to think about uploading videos

The amount of time that you take between creating videos should be enough for your audience to want to watch the next video, but not so long that they have missed what has happened previously. Once again, this is a decision which only you can make.

4) Use social media

This is one of the most important aspects when it comes to being a vlogger – especially if you are starting out. Social media will help build your brand and create a community around what you are doing. It also allows people from other social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook to come into contact with your work more easily. Make sure that every picture and post links back to any blogs you have written and your videos.

5) Don’t give up

it takes time to get a following and become successful at vlogging! Make sure that you keep recording every day and putting in the effort. You also need to come up with ideas ‘just in case’ you can’t think of anything when shooting. This way, even if you are feeling tired or unmotivated you will always have something to film! In addition, make sure that when uploading videos you work on improving them before sharing them with the online world. Nobody likes watching boring content which has been recorded in the wrong setting or badly edited!​ Read more about Hiking Backpack

These 5 steps should help to create a great foundation for any future travellogger! Remember that this is a long term goal, and it doesn’t happen over night. But there is no reason why you can’t make it happen!


Originally posted 2021-11-12 09:34:37.

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