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5 Different Kitchen Decor Ideas for Your New Home in 2022

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The kitchen is the most fundamental part of any home. So, it should be functional as well as beautiful. So be creative and innovative to design an inviting kitchen.

It is the space where you can do wonders through cooking skills and spend a lot of time experimenting with new dishes. But, unfortunately, many people end up with an ordinary and dull cooking space.

Having a stunning kitchen in the home seems like a dream? Now is the perfect time to do some magic on interiors and transform ordinary space into a fantastic kitchen. The following are some kitchen décor ideas you must try:

Bold Kitchen Colors


Bold and dark colors in the kitchen are in trend nowadays, but dark green, burgundy are top-ranking shades. The popularity of green is increasing tremendously, whether you use it across cabinetry or as an accent color.

Pair this hue with the statement features like a large-scale textured worksurface, statement shelves, etc. It will add interest in the kitchen décor scheme. Surprisingly, it will enhance the kitchen space with a dramatic or luxurious feel.

Dark shades portray elegance and a stylish atmosphere that does not happen much in the case of light colors. However, be careful that they do not overpower the cooking space and make it look perpetually dark.

Artsy Nook


It is an emerging trend and a unique way to decorate the kitchen. In addition, it is an entirely personalized way of enhancing the kitchen interiors. You can use prints or paintings you already have and add style to kitchen walls.

Create an artsy nook by displaying high-quality canvas artwork on the vertical space to give a homey and comfortable feel. It is a perfect addition for kitchen décor, especially to farmhouse or bohemian style designs.

In addition, create a comfortable space with a small table and few chairs. Then, scale all art pieces with furniture around the nook.

Enliven with Plants

Plants play a vital role in the kitchen décor as they make space look lively and purify the air. Moreover, they help to remove the foul smell that sometimes occurs in the kitchen.

So, it would be best to put in potted plants, especially scented herbs such as basil, mint, etc. Make sure to add low-maintenance plants in the pots and the availability of sunlight in the kitchen area.

You can decorate the floating shelves in a kitchen with indoor plants and add warmth or interest to the space.

Effective Storage Solutions

One of the frustrating parts of the kitchen is the wastage of space and clutter. Sometimes, open shelves or drawers waste the space and create a messy look. But, worst of all, available space is either too small or large.

As a result, it leads to inefficiency in space organization. To counter these problems, you can add kitchen cabinets. It includes proper space for appliances, cutlery, utensils, pots, and pans. Moreover, it also has wastebasket space for garbage or recyclables.

It will make storage of food, drinks, small appliances, and other usable items easy or strategized. With these storage options, you can wholly focus and effortless and fun cooking.

Glazed Tiles

Tiles in the kitchen are nothing you haven’t heard before, but there is a slight shift. Now replace matt finishes with glossy tiles. Glazed tiles are effortless to clean and reflect light in the kitchen.

If you pair them with rustic wood or marble work surface, they will develop a beautiful contrast along with earthy colors. Moreover, they will add several layers of color or texture to the kitchen area.

Mainly, Zelliges remains the popular choice while selecting the glazed tiles. It is because they have an irregular surface and shades that bring texture or artisan character to the kitchen scheme. 


Textures or materials are evolving in the interiors that make homeowners more confident about their designs and choices. The year 2022 will use more expressive and tactile elements like concrete, metallics, or textured to create an incredible effect.

Originally posted 2021-12-02 17:11:05.

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